Our Artists


Impressionist Acrylics

JoanRobertswww.jrobertsart.com…..“50 % Off Framing has an expanded selection, a fresh approach to framing. They give you new insight on framing. Where excellence is a tradition, surprisingly affordable, helps you avoid costly mistakes, extra savings, gets the job done when you need it. Sound advice on how to frame, let us show you the right way to frame, we do it all for you, the solution to your framing. Oops, sorry, I just want the world to appreciate what your business has to offer.”Joan Roberts


Sketch Art and Expressions

JamesLeeseSmallwww.JamesLeeseArt.com … Sketch Art is the name I have given to the process I use to create the images on this website. The images are of, generally, imaginary places but with a basis in our imaginations from places we have been to, have seen, or otherwise know of. A few images contain pieces of real places or buildings or settings, but the overall image is one created from my mind and manifested in a work of art. All limited edition art images are printed on high quality archival watercolor paper and canvas with archival inks, that is, they are giclees. All prints are coated against UV (ultraviolet) deterioration.



Wildlife Photography

WildlifePhotographySmallwww.throughthelensgallery.com ….. As human populations increase and wildlife’s natural habitats decline,it is no
wonder that many of nature’s species struggle to survive. Whether bycollision with vehicles or boats, mercury poisoning and diseases or the destruction of their natural habitats, more and more species are having their existence threatened, as we continue to ignore and abuse the environment that is so dear to us. Dick & Sara promote positive photographic practices that respect and protect the wildlife that has become so dear to them by discouraging harassment, feeding or provocation of any kind.




MarkCThomasSmall www.marcusthomasartist.com …. Accompanying the artwork, the book also tells the story of Marcus’ life and explores how the the themes of flight, adventure and the natural world have remained constants since his childhood. Another constant is the love of his wife, Anne, who, as companion, co-conspirator and caretaker, makes Marcus’s art possible. The narrative biography gives a compelling glimpse into how Anne & Marcus have established daily rituals that sustain their creative journey.


LeomaLovegroveSmall www.leomalovegrove.com ….. Florida artist, impressionist painter, wife, celebrity, local historian, patriotic, colorful, energetic, business savvy, kooky, vibrant, marketing genius, Midwest transplant, animal lover, fisherwoman, devoted friend and did we mention colorful? These are just some words one might use to describe the fun-filled gal that is Matlacha, Florida artist extraordinaire Leoma Lovegrove.



Water Color

SandraGallowaySmallsandragalloway.com ….. Sandra’s realistic watercolor scenes of Florida’s bountiful beauty bring the real life experience into your home. The winner of numerous awards her paintings have an emotional content that depends heavily on bold forms, patterns, shapes and colors, yet they also contain a glimpse of highly detailed and realistic natural features.




AdamSerraSmallwww.adamserra.com ….. I loved Ithaca with its progressive tilt and natural beauty and lived there for nearly 5 years.  It was there that my painting began.  One day, when my girlfriend (now wife) was at work, I took the liberty of painting her tired and boring/broken coffee table.  When I was done, it was neither tired nor boring, though still broken.  Within a week, I was working on canvases. Now I manage an art gallery in Hanapepe, Kaua’i.  We opened in the fall of 2010 with Angela Headley (check out her art here) and her husband Kim.  I live in Omao with my wife and daughter and I paint as often as I can in my studio.  Photography is a constant in my life and I’m never very far from my camera and tripod.







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