1. How much will it cost to frame my picture?

It is important for us to know certain things about the artwork before we quote an estimate. The dimensions of your art, and the frame you select most determine the price. Matting, glass preference, custom mirrors, object mounting, canvas stretching, dry mounting will all be additional costs to consider. We are happy to work with your budget to help you get the most for your artwork.


2. How quickly can you frame a picture?

We have been able to frame something the same day using what we have in stock for very special situations, otherwise our usual time is 10 business days. We are happy to work with your time line.


3. What does it mean by “floating” art?

When you “float” or “tip on” your artwork, you are attaching it to either a mat board or a fabric board using a special conservation hinging method. All the edges are revealed and no art is covered up. You will then need a spacer.


4. What is a spacer?

A spacer is usually a piece of square plastic, mat or fabric board that separates the artwork or object from the glass. This is important because providing ventilation will protect the art from condensation and moisture build up in the frame, which can cause the art to stick to the glass.


5. What does a mat do?

A mat board allows space from the frame, so your eye can lead into the art. It also acts as a spacer, separating the art from the glass. A mat can accentuate, subdue, or focus on colors in your art so they can better suit your home. It can also help you adjust the size of your artwork, cover damage, crop out writing, or allow you to put more than one picture or object in a frame.


6. Why dry mount a poster?

Dry mounting is highly recommended for posters. Dry mounting is a process that permanently adheres your artwork to a surface, so that it will always stay flat; otherwise in time it will ripple or crease. In the event that your paper art has been damaged by creasing, dry mounting may minimize the effects of the damage.


7. Do I need glass?

Glass acts as another form of protection and can help preserve your art for many years. We offer a variety of glass options to suit your art and its specific needs.


8. Should I consider other types of glass?

We offer reflection control glass that can help prevent glaring from light reflection, conservation glass that can block UV rays, museum glass that is practically invisible and framers grade acrylic is a great alternative to glass. Acrylic does not break and is extremely lightweight. Let us know what your expectations are.


9. When should I use framers grade acrylic, and how should I clean it?

We recommend acrylic if you are shipping your art, or your art is bigger than 40 x 60 inches. Framers grade acrylic is virtually unbreakable but has a delicate surface and can easily be scratched. It is also half the weight of glass. To clean your acrylic, use acrylic cleaner and a soft rag. You can also use water with a drop or two of liquid soap.


10. Will my art fade from the sun?

If your art is exposed to direct sunlight, no matter what products you use, your art will fade. We offer quality products that can slow down this process. Ask us what is right for your artwork and home.


11. Does the size of the frame matter?

The width and depth of a frame are important in supporting the artwork. If you have an oversized piece of art, or art that is heavy, you want to be sure the frame can support the art. If you need to choose a different width or depth, we will let you know.


12. What if my art is not square?

If your art does not have an equal consistent measurement, you have options to make it fit in a frame. We can trim the art to make it even, but you may lose some of the image. A mat around your out of square art will add beauty and symmetry. You may also float the art on a mat board with a good size border.


13. Why are there no nail holes in my frame?

Almost all of our frames are joined together in the corners from underneath the frame with a number of “v” wedges. This with a combination of glue and clamping produces a very strong joint, free from nail holes.


14. Do I have to show the signature on my print?

An artist signature adds value and prestige to a framed piece of art and we have many techniques to highlight the signature however If you are not happy with the placement of the artist’s signature on your print, we have ways of matting your artwork that can hide the signature without permanently compromising the value of the artwork. If you are framing a poster that has a border around the art with a title or publisher’s line we can trim the art to the image or mat it up to the image to remove any space around the poster you don’t want to show.


15. How big can I make my piece?

If you have space on your wall, but your art will not take up the desired area, we can give you some options to help fill the space. We could increase the mat size, layer mats, or use a wider moulding. We have been able to use your custom fabric to create a custom mat which greatly enhances the effect the art will have in your setting.


16. Should I try to match other frames that I have in the room?

Selecting first what is best on the art will always help you decide how to balance this look in your home. You can choose from similar frame styles or finishes to tie in the look you have in your room, but they do not all have to be the same.


17. How should I hang my artwork?

We have included with your picture a complimentary hanger(s) based on the weight and size of your piece. If you are trying to hang on a surface that would require another type of hanger, let us know and we can try to answer your question and provide you with another hanger. If you are hanging a mirror or a heavy, oversized piece of art we have installed strap hangers instead of a wire. Use these hangers instead of a wire because the weight and size will cause the wire to snap. We also offer installation services and would be happy to hang it for you at a reasonable cost.


18. Can you pick up my art or bring my artwork to my home, office or to a client?

We are happy to provide a delivery or pick up service to our clients. Often a piece will simply not fit in your car or multiple items, we have a delivery van that can handle most over sized items. Please contact us regarding any cost if any for this service.


19. Do you ever have a sale?

We regularly beat anyone’s prices so there isn’t a need for a sale. We accomplish this by doing all the work on premises, we buy the moulding in length and cut and join to fit. All the mats and glass are done on site as well. A family business for over 12 years insures quality and reliability. We care about and enjoy what we do.


20. Will you frame my art with my materials?

We will work with your materials, whether it is a mat, glass, frame, etc. Depending on the condition of these materials, we may recommend alternatives. We can repair your existing frame or change a mat color. In short we will do any part of a job to meet your needs.


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